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Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey is a Defense Attorney for Sealing of Records

Colorado law allows for the sealing of some criminal records under very specific and limited circumstances. The first thing one should understand concerning Sealing of Records is that sealing is virtually never allowed in cases in which a conviction has actually been suffered. Instead, Colorado law allows for the Sealing of Records in instances involving cases which have been dismissed prior or Trial, cases which resulted in a full acquittal at Trial, or cases that have been dismissed pursuant to a Plea Agreement both in which the Plea Agreement has not called for the Defendant to waive his or her right to come back in and ask for Sealing of Records at some point in the future. Under some limited circumstances, Drug convictions can potentially be sealed as well.

Sealing of Records puts a former Criminal Defendant in a situation in which the record of his or her case will be sealed from view from all but a very select group of people such as Law Enforcement agencies and Court personnel having an otherwise legitimate reason to review the record.

The Law Firm of Mark S. Hanchey handles not only the Sealing of Records for substantive cases which we have successfully handled and have had dismissed or have won acquittals at Trial, but we also handle numerous cases every year for people who have old cases for which we did not represent them originally and who now wish to come back in and request Sealing of Records.

Our firm is successful in having the record sealed in over ninety percent of those cases for which we file Petitions to Seal

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